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Meet Robert Armin
Novelist and Playwright

Robert Armin's first novel The Flash of Midnight is a flashback to the late 1960s as seen through the eyes of a young woman named Laurie Norber. It is available in both paperback and Kindle ebook, as well as an audio book (read by the author) from and iTunes. Armin second novel, scheduled for publication in the Spring of 2015, is  The Used and Abused, a retelling of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's early novel The Insulted and Injured. Armin is also writing the book and lyrics for a musical play based on the same novel, with music composed by the acclaimed Russian composer Alexander Zhurbin. Available now at are two plays, one based on six short stories by Harlan Ellison entitled Harlan Ellison's Mortal Dreads, and the second an adaptation of the 18th Century comedy The Jew by Richard Cumberland, now retitled Sheva, the Benevolent.

Laurie Norber, the protagonist of The Flash of Midnight, is a survivor of rape and child abuse who has managed to retain both her sense of humor and a positive outlook towards the future. Taking its inspiration from Voltaire’s Candide, The Flash of Midnight recounts the bisexual escapades of a young woman who steadfastly believes that real love is just around the corner, never imagining that in June of 1969 she will become the spark that ignites a sexual revolution at a small Greenwich Village bar called the Stonewall Inn.

The Used and Abused is a fresh retelling of Dostoyevsky's early novel, The Insulted and Injured. A frustrated love affair, an orphan girl in distress, a scheming aristocrat and an angry father who casts his daughter out are just a few of the Dickensian ingredients that enliven this little known Russian novel. More than simply a new translation, Robert Armin has expanded upon and enhanced the characters and dialogue of the original to give modern readers a full and engaging reading experience.


Harlan Ellison's Mortal Dreads by Robert Armin Sheva, the Benevolent adapted by Robert Armin

Based on the writings of award-winning fantasist Harlan Ellison, Robert Armin's stage adaptation of several short stories  includes Shatterday and Paladin of the Lost Hour, along with four more   extraordinary tales that tear through the fabric of space and time and reveal the gaping hole which opens onto Some Other Place... If you find these dark dreams troubling, maybe it's because they're your dreams!

Sheva, the Benevolent is an adaptation of Richard Cumberland's classic 1794 comedy, The Jew: or, Benevolent Hebrew, featuring Sheva, the first Jewish moneylender to be portrayed as the hero of a stage comedy. The paperback edition includes an introduction by 18th Century theater scholar Jean Marsden and a facsimile of the  original play as published in 1823.